Presenting… ZipDocSrv!

Serves zipped documentation locally

ZipDocSrv serves zipped documentation locally

I program in different languages (python at home, java, javascript etc. for my thesis project), so I need a lot of documentation. However, when I commute I don’t have access to the net, so I have to download all those HTML-documentations and unzip them to my respective docs-folder.

Last time I looked I had 269 MB worth of HTML documentation in my python docs-folder alone – rarely used, lying there, wasting space. Firefox (maybe other browsers as well) allows to browse zip files (with the jar://-protocol), but I don’t feel comfy with that – so I scratched my own itch and wrote a local server for zip files (aptly named ZipDocSrv*). Packing all that stuff into a neat zip-file, I compressed all documentation to 71 MB, saving 74% of space!

ZipDocSrv is a command-line app allowing to mount multiple zip files and open them using your normal browser. Additionally I have added a GUI (as an excercise for me, actually, to get to know wxPython) for people who don’t like editing configuration files themselves.

If you want to try ZipDocSrv, download the GUI app (packed with py2exe).

The code is written in Python. The (horrible! horrible! horrible! You have been warned!) source code can be downloaded here

Be warned: There will be bugs. If you find them or have any feedback, I’d be glad to hear about it in the comments!

  • actually I haven’t found a better name for it – any suggestions?

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