Blog Blackout

After having updated to WordPress 2.9.2 this blog was not working anymore… A user-friendly message (“Error establishing a database connection”) instead of the content I am used to see. No further information, no additional error messages. Nice.

After fiddling around for a while (trying to find out the exact error by massaging the PHP code – brrrrr -, checking all settings in wp-config.php several times and following the odd advice with OLD_PASSWORD on WordPress’ FAQ), I found out that the wp_options table in MySQL was fried beyond repair. Literally. Thus, I took a database dump from the remaining tables, deleted all tables and re-installed WP. Curiously, re-importing the dump failed miserably due to two missing columns in wp_links and wp_posts (both about categories). In what version of WP did those disappear? shrugs

Eventually I just added them again, and, alas, after an outage of approximately 1.5 days the blog is here again…

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